eLeathanach 374 – Alt 2

eLeathanach is a weekly newsletter published by Maynooth University during the fall and spring semesters. These newsletters are useful for students to learn new words and phrases, to practice reading and to practice conversation by writing your own questions or comments.

Alt 2 (Article 2): Manchester United

Stór Focal (Vocabulary): tús (start/beginning), imreoir (player), cárta (card), soicind (a second), cúrsaí (matters), scór (score), deireadh an chluiche (end of the game), rás (race)

Frásaí (Phrases): in aghaidh (against), tar éis (after), in olcas (worse), ar fad (completely, entirely), ina dhiaidh sin (after that), sa dara háit (in second place), sa chéad áit (in first place), i mbliana (this year)

Briathra (Verbs): d’imir (played), bhí (was/were), fuair (got), chuaigh (went), (am, are, is), beidh (will be)

Aidiachtaí (Adjectives): uafásach (terrible), dearg (red), an-suimiúil (very interesting)

Focail eile (Other words): mar (because), amháin (only), naoi (nine), seachtó (seventy), ann (there, in it), anois (now)

Play to listen to the article.

Alt (Article):

D’imir Man United in aghaidh Southampton. Bhí tús uafásach ag Southampton mar fuair imreoir amháin cárta dearg tar éis naoi soicind is seachtó!

Chuaigh cúrsaí in olcas ar fad ina dhiaidh sin. Man United 4 – Southampton 0 – sin an scór a bhí ann ag leath-am.

Man United 9 – Southampton 0 – sin an scór a bhí ann ag deireadh an chluiche.

Anois tá Man United sa dara háit. Tá Man City sa chéad áit. Beidh an rás an-suimiúil i mbliana!


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