Welcome to Irish Language Learners!

(Foghlaimeoirí na Gaeilge)

Fáilte! (Welcome!)

The mission of Irish Language Learners is to promote, teach and support the learning of the Irish Language globally.  We promote the Irish language through our social media efforts, through our interactions at Irish festivals and as part of our participation in annual immersion events in Ireland.  We teach the Irish language through our weekly members only open house events, online group lessons and online individual tutoring.  We support the learning of the Irish language through our public, private and business sponsored lessons.

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Fall 2023 Online Classes (via Zoom)

We have various classes Sunday through Thursday, which are all casual, fun and progressive.  The classes range from New Beginner to Continuing Beginner (A1-A2 Level) to Intermediate (B1-B2 Level) beginning Sunday August 27, 2023 and lasting for 14 or 15 weeks depending on the class.

It is possible to join a class later in the semester at a pro-rated rate and to changes classes if appropriate.  We are open to setting up additional classes for groups of 4 or more students and we provide one on one tutoring.  If you are interested in setting up a new class or tutoring, please email us at [email protected].



Buntús Cainte and Progress in Irish. (The classes vary in how far the students have moved through these books and other resources that are covered in class including songs, stories, homework and other lessons.)

People are grouped according to ability/years of experience learning and therefore exposure to the language.  Every class has students with varying abilities in learning and speaking the language.


Maryland Based Classes (Monday 6 pm, 7:15 pm, Wednesday 4 pm, 6 pm, 7:15 pm, Thursday 6 pm, 7:15 pm)(EST):

Sign Up:  https://www.irishshrine.org/visit/virtual-events

Delaware Based Classes (Wednesday 8:30 pm EST)(Beginners 0-2 years)

Sign Up:  Members $150 / Non-Members $170

Arizona Based Classes (Thursday 8:30 pm EST / 5:30 pm MT)(Beginners 0-2 years)

Sign Up: Members $150 / Non-Members $170

Pennsylvania Based Classes (Sunday 12 pm, Tuesday 6 pm, 7:15 pm) (Advanced Beginners to Intermediate (A2+ to B2):

Sign Up: Members $150 / Non-Members $170

LAOH (Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians) Class (Monday 2 pm) (Beginners 0-2 years and beyond):

Sign Up: Members $150 / Non-Members $170

Not Interested in Classes yet?  Become a Member $40/year and learn from our website and facebook posts:  Join now!

Anyone who becomes a member can join our Facebook Group as well as access lessons on our website.

Summary of 13 Classes (Based on EST (Philadelphia) Timezone):

Sunday 12:00 PM ‘Pennsylvania / Global’

Monday 2:00 PM ‘LAOH Only’ – Monday 6:00 PM ‘Maryland / Global’ – Monday 7:15 PM ‘Maryland / Global’

Tuesday 6:00 PM ‘Pennsylvania / Global’ – Tuesday 7:15 PM ‘Pennsylvania / Global’

Wednesday 4:00 PM ‘Maryland / Global’ – 6:00 PM ‘Maryland / Global’ – 7:15 PM ‘Maryland / Global’ – 8:30 PM ‘Delaware & Vicinity’

Thursday 6:00 PM ‘Maryland / Global’ – 7:15 PM ‘Maryland / Global’ – 8:30 PM ‘Arizona & Vicinity’