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(Foghlaimeoirí na Gaeilge)



Tabhair Póg Dom.  Is Éireannach Mé.

5ú Márta 2021 – Turas Botháir (Road Trip)

The mission of Irish Language Learners is to promote, teach and support the learning of the Irish Language globally.  We promote the Irish language through our social media efforts, through our interactions at Irish festivals and as part of our participation in annual immersion events in Ireland.  We teach the Irish language through our weekly members only open house events, online group lessons and online individual tutoring.  We support the learning of the Irish language through our public, private and business sponsored lessons.

Our website is under construction.  Currently, the majority of our efforts at Irish Language Learners can be seen on our Facebook Page and in our private groups.  We invite you to unlock the door to learning Irish with us.

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Members of Irish Language Learners are learning Irish in a variety of ways.  Many of our members attend our online classes.  Some members are learning on their own.  Most learners use a combination of books, cds, internet sites, applications and conversation with Irish speakers in classes and/or conversation circles in order to learn Irish.  Regardless of how you are learning, we are here to support you, guide you and speak Irish with you.  Members can participate in weekly open house conversations and spontaneous learning sessions.


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Tabhair Póg Dom. Is Éireannach Mé. (Kiss me. I’m Irish.)