Biachláir As Gaeilge

Recently I was trying to search on line (ar líne) for menus (biachláir) in Irish (as Gaeilge) but I was struggling to find any. So, I reached out on social media (meán soisialta) and I received a handful of menus. I am going to create a section under Resources for Learners with information on places that have menus in Irish. If you know of any others after looking at the list or if you do a search on your own and find some others, please let us know about them in the comments or via email ([email protected]).
caifé (café)
bia (food)
bialann (restaurant) bialanna (restaurants)
biachlár (menu) biachláir (menus)
deoch (drink) deochanna (drinks)
Béarla (English Language)
Gaeilge (Irish Language)


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