7 – Lesson for a Visitor

21-March-2021 – Lesson 7 in honor of St. Patrick – Other phrases with the word Dia (God) “dJee-uh”:

Dia linn! (God be with us!) “dJee-uh linn” – Used after someone sneezes.

Dia anseo isteach! (God bless all here!) – Used when entering a room.

Go mbeannaí Dia duit! (May God bless you!) – Go mbeannaí Dia daoibh! (May God bless all of you!)

Tá Dia láidir is tá máthair mhaith aige! (God is strong and he has a good mother!)

Ag Dia atá a fhios! (God only knows!) – Used when wondering about something.

Go dtuga Dia sin! (May God grant that!) – Used to wish God’s support to someone.

in ainm Dé! (in the name of God!) – Used to express dismay.

Go méadaí Dia do stór! (May God increase your abundance!) – Used to bestow a good wish of success.

 Lesson 7 concludes our 2021 lessons dedicated to St. Patrick. To hear audio for these phrases, consider becoming a member.  Join Here


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