Focal an Lae (Word of the Day) – Seachtain

seachtain (week) – an tseachtain (the week) – seachtainí (weeks) – na seachtainí (the weeks)

seachtain – an tseachtain – seachtainí – na seachtainí

Seachtain is a feminine noun that begins with the letters ‘se’.  Feminine nouns that begin with the letter s + a, e, i, o, u, l, n, or r are prefixed with the letter t in the singular nominative case following the word an.  That is why we say an tseachtain.

Cén tseachtain atá ann? (What week is it?) Cén tseachtain atá ann?

Cén tseachtain a bhí ann? (What week was it?) Cén tseachtain a bhí ann?

an chéad seachtain (the first week) an chéad seachtain

an dara seachtain (the second week) and dara seachtain

an tríú seachtain (the third week) an tríú seachtain

an ceathrú seachtain (the fourth week) an ceathrú seachtain

an cúigiú seachtain (the fifth week) an cúigiú seachtain

You will also see the form seachtaine with an e on the end.  An example is an deireadh seachtaine (the weekend).  an deireadh seachtaine

Laethanta na Seachtaine (Days of the Week) Laethanta na Seachtaine

Learn to say the days like this:                                  And also like this:

An Domhnach (Sunday)                                         Dé Domhnaigh (on Sunday)

An Luan (Monday)                                                   Dé Luain (on Monday)

An Mháirt (Tuesday)                                               Dé Máirt (on Tuesday)

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)                                  Dé Céadaoin (on Wednesday)

An Déardaoin (Thursday)                                       Déardaoin (on Thursday)

An Aoine (Friday)                                                     Dé hAoine (on Friday)

An Satharn (Saturday)                                            Dé Sathairn (on Saturday)

seachtain – an tseachtain – seachtainí – na seachtainí

If you are a beginner, write all of the Irish words and phrases in your notebook and practice saying them out loud.  Begin to use them often and as soon as possible.

If you are an intermediate learner, search the online dictionaries (Foclóir and Teanglann) and see what other words or phrases you can find associated with ‘seachtain’ and comment on our website with your own sentences.

Download lesson here:

Focal an Lae Seachtain


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