Focal an Lae (Word of the Day) – Nollaig

Nollaig (December) – an Nollaig (the December) – Nollaigí (Decembers) – na Nollaigí (the Decembers) – Mí na Nollag (Month of December)

Nollaig also means Christmas.

Nollaig (Christmas) – an Nollaig (the Christmas) – Nollaigí (Christmases) – na Nollaigí (the Christmases)

Nollaig – an Nollaig – Nollaigí – na Nollaigí – Mí na Nollag

You will come across  the name of several things at this time of the year using the singular genitive case spelling, Nollag (of Christmas).

Daidí na Nollag (Father Christmas)(Santa) Daidí na Nollag

Crann Nollag (Christmas Tree) Crann Nollag

Bronntanas Nollag (Christmas Present) Bronntanas Nollag

Carúl Nollag (Christmas Carol) Carúl Nollag

Soilse Nollag (Christmas Lights) Soilse Nollag

Maisiúcháin Nollag (Christmas Decorations) Maisiúcháin Nollag

Cóisir Nollag (Christmas Party) Cóisir Nollag

Císte Nollag (Christmas Cake) Císte Nollag

Scéal na Nollag (The Story of Christmas) Scéal na Nollag

Oíche Nollag (Christmas Eve) Oíche Nollag

Lá Nollag (Christmas Day) Lá Nollag

Nollaig na mban (Women’s Christmas) Nollaig na mban

Frásaí (Phrases):

Nollaig shona duit! (Happy Christmas to you!) Nollaig shona duit!

Nollaig shona daoibh! (Happy Christmas to you all!) Nollaig shona daoibh!

Seanfhocal (Old Saying):

Nollag ghlas, reilig mhéith. (A green Christmas, a fat graveyard.)

Nollaig – an Nollaig – Nollaigí – na Nollaigí – Mí na Nollag

If you are a beginner, write all of the Irish words and phrases in your notebook and practice saying them out loud.  Begin to use them often and as soon as possible.

If you are an intermediate learner, search the online dictionaries (Foclóir and Teanglann) and see what other words and phrases you can find associated with ‘’ and comment on our website with your own sentences.

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Focal an Lae Nollaig

  1. What is the use case for na Nollaigí (the Decembers)?


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