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(month) – an mhí (the month) – míonna (months) – na míonna (the months)

mí – an mhí – míonna – na míonna

is a feminine noun.  A change in pronunciation called séimhiú represented by adding the letter h after a consonant occurs when feminine nouns in the singular nominative case follow the word an.  That is why we say an mhí.

Cén mhí atá ann? (What month is it?) Cén mhí atá ann?

Cén mhí a bhí ann? (What month was it?) Cén mhí a bhí ann?

Did you just notice that mh and bh are both pronounced as a “v” sound.  You are in luck!  Sometimes they can both be pronounced as a “w” sound.  Learn more about that later.

Míonna na Bliana (Months of the Year) Míonna na Bliana

Learn to say the months like this:                              Also like this: 

Mí Eanáir (Month of January)                                Eanáir (January)

Mí Feabhra (Month of February)                           Feabhra (February)

Mí an Mhárta (Month of March)                            Márta (March)

Mí Aibreáin (Month of April)                                  Aibreán (April)

Mí na Bealtaine (Month of May)                           Bealtaine (May)

Mí an Mheithimh (Month of June)                       Meitheamh (June)

Mí Iúil (Month of July)                                             Iúil (July)

Mí Lúnasa (Month of August)                                Lúnasa (August)

Mí Mheán Fómhair (Month of September)         Meán Fómhair (September)

Mí Dheireadh Fómhair (Month of October)        Deireadh Fómhair (October)

Mí na Samhna (Month of November)                   Samhain (November)

Mí na Nollag (Month of December)                      Nollaig (December)

mí na meala (month of the honey)(honeymoon) mí na meala

mí ó shin (a month ago) mí ó shin

an chéad lá den mhí (the first day of the month) an chéad lá dén mhí

i gceann míosa (in a month’s time) i gceann míosa (míosa is the genitive case spelling)

mí – an mhí – míonna – na míonna

If you are a beginner, write all of the Irish words and phrases in your notebook and practice saying them out loud.  Begin to use them often and as soon as possible.

If you are an intermediate learner, search the online dictionaries (Foclóir and Teanglann) and see what other words or phrases you can find associated with ‘’ and comment on our website with your own sentences.

Download lesson here:

Focal an Lae Mí


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