Ceacht an Lae – Introduce yourself with Mise

The words and mise are used in Irish to mean I or me in English. When you use mise you are speaking emphatically about yourself. The most common example of this in Irish is when you say your name using the following phrase. “Is mise ….(insert your name)…!”

I would say to someone “Is mise Seán.” Well, that’s not all I would say to them. For example I might say “Is mise Seán. Cad is ainm duit?” (I am Seán. What is your name?) There are a couple other ways you can tell someone your name and ask someone else’s name. It certainly would be polite to say the following after introductions are made. “Tá sé go deas bualadh leat.” (It is nice to meet you.)

Listen and repeat the following phrases. Repeat them again using your own name.

Is mise Seán. (I am Seán.)

Mise Seán. (I am Seán) – This is the common abbreviation of ‘Is mise Seán.’

Cad is ainm duit? (What is your name?)

Seán is ainm dom. (Seán is my name.)

Cén t-ainm atá ort? (What name is on you?)

Seán atá orm. (Seán is on me.)(Seán is my name.)

Cé tusa? (Who are you?)

Is mise Seán. (I am Seán.)

Mise Seán. (I am Seán.)

Tá sé go deas bualadh leat. (It is nice to meet you.)

Tá sé go deas bualadh leatsa. (It is nice to meet YOU.)

** Don’t forget that if your name is not Seán, replace Seán in the phrases above with your name.

Homework – Repeat all of the Irish phrases above at least 3 times. Role play by picturing 10 people you know by name. Introduce yourself. Ask them their name. Answer for them. Tell them it is nice to meet them.


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