5 – Lesson for a Visitor

19-March-2021 – Lesson 5 in honor of St. Patrick – Buíochas le Dia! (Thank God!) “BWEE-uh-kHus leh dJee-uh”. When a good or wonderful thing has occured you might hear this phrase mentioned at the end of a sentence.

Tá an aimsir go hálainn, buíochas le Dia. (The weather is lovely, thank God.) “Taw ahn ahm-shir guh haw-linn, BWEE-uh-kHus leh dJee-uh”.

Is féidir linn taisteal anois, buíochas le Dia. (We can travel now, thank God.) “Iss fay-djir linn tah-shtal uh-nish, BWEE-uh-kHus leh dJee-uh”.

We can say that we are thankful for others as well. buíochas le Seán (thanks to Seán), buíochas le hAoife (thanks to Aoife), buíochas le Naomh Pádraig (thanks to St. Patrick), buíochas le mo mháthair (thanks to my mother)

But when we thank someone directly we say Go raibh maith agat! (May there be goodness at you!)(May you have goodness!)(Thank you!)

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