2 – Lesson for a Visitor

16-March-2021 – Lesson 2 in honor of St. Patrick – Dia ‘s Muire duit! (God and Mary be with you!) pronounced “dJee-uh’s Mwuhr-uh Gwitch” or “dJee-uh’s Mwuhr-uh Ditch”.

We covered Dia and duit in Lesson 1.  Dia ‘s Muire duit! most often acts as a response to the greeting Dia duit! but it can also be used as a greeting by itself. The word agus (and) pronounced “ah-gus” is often abbreviated as is or ‘s in common phrases, songs and poems. Since the vowels a and u are broad vowels the g and s in agus are also broad.

There are many versions of the name Máire (Mary) pronounced “MAW-reh” across several languages but in Irish the version Muire is used to represent Mary the mother of Jesus. Now that you have the phrases Dia duit! and Dia ‘s Muire duit! you can begin using them with other Irish language learners and Irish speakers. When you have the opportunity to greet someone in this way you are expressing a blessing on them. The Irish word beannacht means both greeting and blessing and is pronounced “ban-akHt”.

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