2 – Phrases mentioning God

Play, listen and repeat while reading the phrases below.

Dia duit! (God be with you!) – Dia daoibh! (God be with all of you!)

Dia ‘s Muire duit! (God and Mary be with you! ) – Dia ‘s Muire daoibh! (God and Mary be with all of you!)

Beannacht Dé ort! (Blessing of God on you!) – Beannacht Dé oraibh! (Blessing of God on all of you!)

Buíochas le Dia! (Thank God!)

le cúnamh Dé (with the help of God)(God willing)

le cuidiú Dé  (with the help of God)[Ulster]

Dia anseo isteach! (God bless all here!)

Go mbeannaí Dia duit! (May God bless you!) – Go mbeannaí Dia daoibh! (May God bless all of you!)

Tá Dia láidir is tá máthair mhaith aige! (God is strong and he has a good mother!)

Ag Dia atá a fhios! (God only knows!)

Go dtuga Dia sin! (May God grant that!)

in ainm Dé! (in the name of God!)

Go méadaí Dia do stór! (May God increase your abundance!)


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