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Milseog – Uachtar Reoite

Na Focail (The Words): Milseog (Dessert) Uachtar Reoite (Ice Cream) Fanaile (Vanilla) Seacláid (Chocolate) Uachtar Reoite Fanaile (Vanilla Ice Cream) Uachtar Reoite Seacláide (Chocolate Ice […]

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Shirt Campaign

Shirt Campaign Active through 23 September 2020 Help us raise funds to continue to provide scholarships for the study of Irish in Ireland and to […]

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Sponsored Lesson ‘Kevin’s Irish Art’

Sponsored Lesson: Fáilte (Welcome) pronounced “Fawl-tcheh” Fáilte is fiche (21 Welcomes) pronounced “Fawl-tcheh iss fih-heh” Céad Míle Fáilte (100,000 welcomes) pronounced “Kay’d Meel-eh Fawl-tcheh” Tá […]

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