Lesson #1 Telling Time in Irish

Telling Time in Irish – Getting Started

First, Learn to count to 12 in Irish!  There are already resources on the web to do this!  Here is one from Transparent Irish from 0 to 20.  What a bonus!  Once you can count from 1 to 12, you need the sentence structure for “It is ………. o’clock.”  In Irish we say, “Tá sé a ………. a chlog.” but your next question would be, “How do I pronounce that?”  Here we go with pronunciation phonetics: “Taw shay uh ………. uh Hlog.” and all you have to do is fill in the number you learned from the video.  So for several days look at a clock and just choose the hour it is closest to and practice saying the time.  Once you feel comfortable with saying the time on the hour, you should proceed to learning how to say a more exact time.  Good Luck! (Ádh mór ort!)